Unique city for older people in Arizona

Unique city for older people in Arizona

Sun City is a great place to visit, play & retire, as the official website describes this community for active seniors. The infrastructure of the city built on 14.6 square miles (37.8 square kilometers) is amazing, describing lots of curved geometrical shapes, and winding or circling roads that connect the neighborhoods.

It was built in 1960 and currently, the population is of nearly 40.000. The only rule to live in Sun City is to be at least 55 years old.

There are a lot of benefits to live your late years there:

  • low cost of living
  • great medical facilities
  • fitness centers
  • 7 public pools
  • 16 commercial centers
  • 11 golf courses
  • 2 libraries
  • 7 recreation centers

But probably the most important aspect is that the criminal rate in Sun City is 0!

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