Roofing in Phoenix, Arizona

Roofing in Phoenix, Arizona

After we started writing about all sort of home improvement services in Phoenix, Arizona, we started to receive messages from people who needed particular work done to their homes.. And all of them sounds like this: “Can you recommend something that does …. ?”, “Who do you think I should go to for … ?”, “I’m not sure if … is the best for doing … Can you please research them for me?”.
Well, this was a hard job, because I can’t actually respond to those requests, since all my posts are about companies/individuals that caught my eye while surfing on the internet. But I decided to start researching for those request. And I’ll start with residential roofing. People in Phoenix seem to give a great importance to roofing.

So, I started researching for a good roofing company with the following in mind:

  • they have to be licensed, insured and bonded
  • the company has to be in business for a long time
  • the reviews have to be very good to excellent
  • they can offer financing for new roofs
  • the final price have to be the same with the initial bid
  • they accept multiple forms of payment, including all major credit cards

So.. to Google and forums, let’s go!!!

It didn’t take long researching in the niche forums before I stumbled upon Stapleton Roofing, who a lot say to be the residential roofing Phoenix go-to guys for prompt service and attention to details. Let’s see what google has to say about them, you can’t really trust the first source you find.

What the search returned was mindblowing… It’s very rare to see those kind of qualifications and reviews for a company


Do you see that? 5 stars! not 4.5, 4.8, 4.9.. 5! on three well known review and ranking websites!

The last link was interesting.. Better Business Bureau. I’ve researched a little into that and found that Stapleton Roofing has an outstanding record with the Arizona Better Business Bureau.

Before jumping into their website to look at the portfolio, I have to also say that this important thing was crucial in my decision to write about them: they have an immaculate safety record, probably thanks to their experienced crew.

On their website, they state that the company is family owned and operated and they specialize in both residential & commercial roofing. We’re interested only in the residential part, so reading further I found out that they can do pitched or flat roofs, new roofs, replacements, recoats and maintenance.

Stapleton Roofing is in business for 10 years now and have over 25 years of experience, this recommends them as one of Arizona’s top residential roofing Phoenix located companies, if the screenshot I attached above didn’t convince you yet.

If you want a quick roofing cost estimate, their website offer a contact form (go to Roofing Services -> Residential Roofing) and you can also find a quick guide on what type of roof might be the best for you:

  • Typical roofs are asphalt shingles or tile, or foam for flat roofs
  • Architectural shingles create a multidimensional effect. They feature laminated construction for longer life
  • Traditional, three-tab flat asphalt shingles offer more value and performance than industry-standard shingles. They’re color blended for a natural look
  • Roof shingles come in colors from natural wood shades to intense slate blue, green and red
  • Tile is manufactured in a variety of shapes, and colors
  • Special adhesives tightly seal each shingle to reduce the risk of blowing off
  • Roof replacement should include removal of existing materials, a structural integrity inspection, deck underlayment, drip edges and metal flashings
  • If you have a homeowners’ association, check the architectural guidelines

One nice thing you can also find on the website is a list of elements that might tell you that you need their services

  1. Roof leaks in the attic or top floor
  2. Water stains on ceilings
  3. Blistering or peeling paint and plaster on ceilings or walls
  4. Excessive shingle debris in gutters or lawns
  5. Shingles buckling, curling or blistering
  6. Because your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it’s bound to age. Here are some common sources of wear and the effects:
  7. The sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays age roofing materials, especially on west and south surfaces
  8. Rainwater under shingles causes rot and threatens structural integrity
  9. High winds lift shingles and force water and debris underneath
  10. Tree branches damage shingles. Leaves on the roof and in gutters hold moisture and cause rot and poor drainage
  11. Missing or torn shingles allow remaining shingles to rip or blow off

below you can see before and after works:





and a short movie:

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