Restful Colors of Beni Ourain Rugs

Restful Colors of Beni Ourain Rugs

Color is something that people respond to immediately. Bright colors can be eye-catching and fun. However, when it comes to home decorating, many people prefer to have colors that are less jarring. A neutral series of colors can help any house feel more restful and allow the space to seem serene and removed from the world. One of the best ways to help carry out a neutral theme in any home is with the use of rugs. A rug in a soft series of warm colors like brown, white and black is one that will help the entire space feel restful from every angle.

White is Wonderful

What we think of as white is, in fact, all colors put together. Something that is white appears bright and full of light because it is full of light. This is one of many reasons why so many decorators choose to go with white in their homes. White rugs like a Moroccan Berber rug are generally created in shades of white. This is because a Beni Ourain rug is made from wool that is naturally white. The sheep that produce the wool used are sheep that create wool that is mostly white. Tribesmen who herd the sheep find the natural shades of highly pleasing to their eyes. The white helps keep things cool when they are sitting around during the heat of the Moroccan day. White works today as well in many different color schemes. A white room with a white rug and a few subtle hints of color is at once both contemporary and yet calls classic design features like those found in many parts of the country to mind immediately.

Using Other Colors

While a Moroccan Berber rug may be primarily white, it can also be other colors as well. Many people who make a Beni Ourain rug will also make them with a few other colors as well. Grey dyes are commonly used to create very soft patterns that can only be seen when looking at the rug very closely. Some craftsmen also love to use black as well as white and grey. Many rugs are thus made from a simple and elegant series of colors that mesh well with other elements in any room. A bit of grey can easily tie in with other colors such as red and pink. Black adds dramatic contrast to such rugs while still keeping the entire rug to a neutral series of tones.

Creating a Unified Look

Ultimately, every homeowner’s aim should be to create a unified look. For centuries, those who made these kinds of rugs from hand have known how to do exactly that. They still continue this tradition today. This is why such rugs remain as popular as ever. People around the world have come to love these rugs as they know they are getting something that is all about timeless quality. Buying a rug of this kind means holding something in your hand that is made to truly last. For more information on Berber rugs click here.

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