Lockers explained

Lockers explained

lockerIf you’re in Europe, you probably don’t a have personal locker in your school where you can keep your books, dictionaries, notebooks, food, and were “important” people can stick love letters. The situation changes if you study in US: everybody knows them, especially from the movies: school lockers used as jail for geek kids, gym lockers used as hiding place for peeking on the girls while changing after an exhausting match, or locker doors used as weapons against the running students.

wooden_lockersLockers can be of two main types: standard and vented. Both standard and vented lockers can be constructed as single tier, double tier, triple tier and box style. The materials used are usually steel, plastic or wood. Wooden lockers are usually sold as executive because they look a lot more classy and can be used in richer institutions. If you want it to go with the wall painting, don’t worry, there are a lot of colors to choose from when buying a locker.

Stadium lockers and gym ones can also come with benches, a useful set in the run for victory. The benches are also made from Aluminum, plastic or wood.

A lot of accessories can contribute to the perfect, ultimate space saving locker: top, bases, side panels, door, shelves, locks, keys, identification plates, modular add-ons and many more.

So, if you decide to get yourself some lockers, there are many options you can choose from. Just make sure you have enough space to put them… wait a second, that’s what a locker is suppose to do… clear space.

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