How to spoil your plants with.. water

How to spoil your plants with.. water

Did you know the most important thing to keep you flowers growing happy all the time? Water them properly. Some flowers need to be watered less than once a week while others need to be watered every day. An apartment palm, for example, needs his leaves sprayed with water every day. Usually, people tend to use water straight from the sink for their plants. It’s good, of course. But you can also add some ingredients in it to make it even better (there are all kind of products in the store for this).

But did you know, that the best water plants can get is.. rain water? Just think about it: in the wild, they don’t have water from the sink, or special ingredients for growing or shining. They only got .. rain. Rain BarrelBut rain harvesting is not always an easy job, especially if you have a large garden. Some people thought about this and now we have rain barrels:  a large plastic barrel that you position under your water pipe, with a tap at the bottom for easy use.  Don’t worry about the design of these rain water barrels, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from: shape, size, color, material.

If you consider yourself a handy man you can easily build one yourself, from an usual barrel, but if you are the lazy type, don’t worry, there are online stores where you can find rain barrels for sale.

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