How to properly decorate your children’s room

How to properly decorate your children’s room

Every single parent wishes for a beautiful and healthy kid. The growth and development of your child are influenced by the space he spends most of his time. Taking care of the most elementary hygienic rules of the room, you’ll be sure that you’ll raise a healthy kid.

Choose the room with the best light

A kid needs a room to be only his own. The lightning is very important too. During the day, try to provide as much as it’s possible natural light, and use the bulb (or any other source of artificial light) only at night. Remember that your little one’s room has to be the most light full in the entire house. Also, the walls need to be wallpapered or treated with washable dye and painted in discreet colors. About choosing the right color, or wallpaper, ask him his opinion to find out the “client’s” preferences.


Make sure the temperature stays between 64-68 F  (18-20 C) degrees

The Oxygen volume in his room it’s obtained by wide opening the windows. Do not forget to protect him against the current when doing this. The windows have to always be sparkling clean in order to get as much light as it’s possible. The doctors say that the temperature has to be maintained between the values above, independent of the season (cold winter or hot summers). When the temperature drops 64 degrees F (18 C), you can heat it up using a stove, central heating or a radiator. In the summer you can provide the right temperature using ventilation (but not directed towards the child!!!) or by dropping the curtains.

how to decorate your kid room

Get the furniture that he needs

Make sure you clean and maintain the hygiene in your child’s room every day. When you wish to decorate this room, do not forget to ask him first about his preferences. Do not hesitate to adapt the furniture items to his necessities. For example, if he already goes to school, the furniture has to be composed of a library, a desk, a bed and a wardrobe. The chair and desk’s sizes need to suit him best, and the chair has to have back support to protect his back and hold his elbows. The desk needs to be positioned next to the window, in a way that light comes from the left side and avoid creating shadows on the books or notebooks.


Make sure he get the most quiet room

In order to grow healthy, your kid needs a lot of sleep. Try to give him the most peaceful and protected room in the house, away from all the noise, capable to provide the right environment for study and restful sleep that he needs. Let him sleep alone, and even he won’t like this, try to convince him to sleep with no lamp light.

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