Girlfriend Creates 21 Coupons for Anniversary

Girlfriend Creates 21 Coupons for Anniversary

For their anniversary, or for his anniversary, he received from his girlfriend, what most might call the perfect gift for this occasion:

Coupons for daily or naughty chores, if you know what I mean

i'll choose where to eat coupon

i'll clean your room coupon

you win argument coupon

play video games without complaining coupon

morning head coupon

pick up new lingerie coupon

permission to not attend party coupon

videogame on me coupon

free head blowjob coupon

drinks on me coupon

fill in coupon blank

playtime sexy time in only heels coupon

your choice on movie night coupon

personal servant for one day coupon

dress me for bed coupon

quickie coupon

i'll cook you dinner coupon

massage on me coupon

do the laundry coupon

breakfast in bed coupon

naughty free wish coupon

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