Eco when watering your plants

Eco when watering your plants

RTS-rainbarrel_woodgrain If you want to get in new eco trend, what can be more economical than saving water, even when you take care of your garden? You might say: I already am, because it’s raining pretty often and I don’t have too do it myself. Well, what about your indoor plants? Forgot about those, didn’t you?

While nature can take care of your garden in some areas, you can be a real ecologist by storing the water in rain barrels when it rains and use it later (that mostly applies to areas where it doesn’t rain that often). You can use that water for you indoor flowers also – it’s even more recommended.

But how can you start in this process of rain harvesting?

The simplest way is to place barrels under the water spouts of your house. This will do just fine, but you won’t get the maximum quantity. For more efficiency, position a chain in the spout: this will make the water flow a lot more precise. Professional rain water barrels have a side flat (for saving space), a valve for the hose, and are designed in various ways to fit well in the environment – after all, why does a barrel have to look a like a barrel? It can be a box, a wall, a crate…

If you decide to start harvesting in a rain barrel, you’re lucky: it’s a lot more organic and healthy for your plants!

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